Ukrainian dating pro


Without going into too much detail but you will see why dating Kiev ladies is a whole different ballgame then Odessa women.

That would only work if you already hang-out with people who you know or met through an online dating site.You just need to approach it differently compared to Kiev and Odessa if you want to meet Ukrainian ladies.It is only logical that my mates would follow-up with this question. I have been living since 2014 in the Ukraine working as an international business consultant between East and West. I have been dating smoking hot Ukrainian women over the last few years. I am guessing that the reason why you are reading this blog post is because you have discovered how charming, beautiful, fun and let’s not forget (…) sexy Eastern European women can be. Let me tell you that you are about to find out why this indeed the case.Switch of that You-Tube channel, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start making notes!

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