Wesley myspace dating after dark dating fails

I'm told that my cousin Hannah was supposed to be in charge of me that morning but, of course not knowing the plan, I chose to ride with my dad and siblings before she could track me down.After the whole family arrived to the park for pictures, the photographer suggested Wesley and I take our couple's photos first.

Just like that, I suckered him into a relationship with me and we've spent five long and happy years together!Wesley said he had to leave early to help the photographer carry all of her equipment with some of my cousins because she was eight months pregnant (this was just a ploy to get him out of my sights for the morning).After sending him off, I focused all of my efforts in making sure my dad, brother, and sister were ready in time.Of course, Wesley was a lot easier to dress than myself.I picked out a red polo and khakis, but still had no idea what I would wear to match; I ended up wearing a white lace dress.Once again making the first move, I texted Wesley and asked him to be my date at the party. He turned me down for his already set plans...going to the gym.

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